IM Academy Scams – Is IM Academy A Scam Or Legit?

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IM Academy Scams – Get access to this free 10 part free Forex training –

So in this video I will introduce you to the IM Academy and also delves into the IM Academy Scams claims. Like with any company that has network marketing or anything to do with mlm there will always follow the claims that it must be a scam.

I also give you an in-depth look into our team the Abundance Tradehouse (ATH). You will get a full ATH review and then you can decide for yourself as to whether or not this may be helpful for your trading.

In the IM Academy there are many little off shoot groups that show you their individual strategies ours is called Smart Money but one thing I think is so different with our team is just the huge amount of support you get from us.

In the video you will also learn about our Facebook group, Discord group and also our private trading website and as well as this we do regular weekly webinars which you get access to and I will give you access to a week of that for free

There are a ton of videos trying to teach you how easy it is to make money with Forex but some can be too complicated and they all seem to be telling you to do the same things and just follow some strategy or some set of indicators that will guarantee that you make tons of money trading but unfortunately that’s the reason 97% of people fail and unfortunately yes there are some scams out there.

Does that mean IM Academy is a Scam? Well I would say no because I have been on the inside of the company for over a year and there is nothing at all that I have witnessed that I can call scammy.

My advice is use this video as a starting block to learn what you need to actually do to use Forex trading to make money and get the real truth of all this stuff explained in easy to follow steps

We also look at the what you can learn for free and what you should use a proper mentor for and how our Abundance Tradehouse Team can help you going forward:

0:00 IM Academy Scams
4:50 Is IM Academy A Scam Or Legit
9:01 How To Start Winning In Forex With The Right Mindset

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Discover some of the best strategies online to help you learn how to trade the Forex market
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Discover some of the best strategies online to help you learn how to trade the Forex market

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