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Welcome to Clint’s Legit Update! On this channel, I post reviews about sites that you consider legit, but they are scams. I do this so that you won’t lose your hard-earned money. Watch these videos to the end, and make sure you subscribe now to not miss any further updates.

Before I tell you why I can say that peritia.com is a scam, let me show you how to identify a scam.

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**Signs to Know a Scam Platform:**

1. Their site is mostly attractive, and the CEO is mostly unknown, with no physical office address.

2. Their commission is always high. For example, if you pay 10k, they will remove 7k from the money and pay the person who brought you in, keeping the 3k for themselves. So, if you don’t refer, you will cry at the end. It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

3. The platform is always new and not up to three years old.

4. Anyone who introduces you to the platform is either a victim or a scammer who parades themselves as vendors.

5. They will convince you to book a slot before the launch date so that they will get more money before people recognize it as a scam.

6. After the launch date, you will see that the scammers have made a lot of money from the money collected from the victims who booked the slot. They will show them top earners so that more people will join since everyone is looking for quick ways to make money.

7. They will always tell you that the site will not crash and will always come up with new scamming ideas when people get to know about the already-existing scam.

8. They have vendors’ WhatsApp groups where the leader will post there, and they will share the lies with you just to keep your hopes of withdrawing your audio money.

9. If you join and lose your hard-earned money, you are on your own because the government has given a warning against these platforms.

10. They will always show top earners to convince you that the platform is paying, whereas they are their fellow scammers.

Join the platform if you know how to refer because they pay you only if you refer, and when you refer a novice (someone that doesn’t have full knowledge of the platform and doesn’t know it’s a scam), remember that they will curse and blame you for any loss incurred.

**Questions to Ask Yourself If You Consider Joining:**

1. Why can’t they promote their business through broad and legit platforms like news channels so that more people will join?

2. Why don’t they have headquarters or branch offices, and why is their customer care service always bad?

3. Why do they hide the owner of their platform?

4. Since they claim to be helping you to make money, why can’t they wait till you earn so that they can deduct from what you earn and give you the rest?

5. Why do they stop responding after you pay?

6. Where do they get the money from, or do you think the simple task they are giving you worth that money they promise you?

**Condolence Messages to Those Who Have Joined Already:**

If you joined before the launch date, make sure you perform their tasks daily because it is possible that they will pay the early bird peanuts so that more people can join.

Always research before joining any online business. Always check my social media handles (WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Telegram) so that you will know about real platforms. Make sure you subscribe to this channel to get more info on sites to invest in.

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