Is UKMoney Win a Scam? Is UKMoney Win Legit and Paying.

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The ultimate guide to answer Is UKMoney Win a Scam or safe and paying out. They are a new Paid Advertisement Viewing System where UKMoney Win promise pay for ad views and attracting referrals.

They promise 10 cents per ad view and 50% of your referrals commissions. You can apply for your cash at $150 where you must complete an application process.

Here they will tell another lie and say it is taking 3 months to get monies to you. There is another option but they will charge you $10! This is part of the scam so don’t pay it.

There are excellent ways to make money online but these guys are not it! We always recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the #1 Way to Earn Money Online. There are many Free Bonuses such as 25 Free Websites, 25 Free Training Videos in Affiliate Marketing. To see how it is done you can click on my review here to learn more https://scamwitness.com/is-wealthy-affiliate-legit where you can also sign up without a credit card for 7 Day Premium Trial.

Lets continue. Should you have paid that $10 then they want 40 new referrals you made to be exchanged for your cash. Once exchanged you are booted out of their website where your account remains open. This is to give the impression of more members than what are actively taking part.

Watch out for spam mail as they like to sell on your emails for a personal profit to scammers.

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Here is a list of some of their new sites that you should also avoid:-

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Do leave your questions and comments surrounding these guys. Also taking questions on my #1 Recommendation as well.

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