Is Tai Lopez Legit Or Scam? | Episode 9

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Things we talk about in this episode:

✅ Our opinions on Tai Lopez
✅ The backstory
✅ His past ventures and current ones
✅ Would we ever buy anything from Tai Lopez?
✅ Is he a good marketer?

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0:00 Quick preview
0:29 Intro
1:55 Would you partner with him?
3:45 Where did he come from?
5:58 Can you trust someone like him?
10:00 Other marketers help promote this
12:30 Ben Chestnut
15:20 Scammers work in cycles
20:00 What was the scam?
21:21 Radio Shack scandal
28:02 Outrageous claims
32:00 Final thoughts

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Disclaimer: This is NOT advice. What we share on the podcast are our experiences, and/or opinions.

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