IS FUNDING PIPS A SCAM OR ARE THEY LEGIT? (March 2024) @fundingpipscom

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After receiving many messages on X, including messages from ex employees from Funding Pips.
I had to figure out what was going on with Funding Pips at the moment and why so many were complaining.
I tried to cover myself legally so I couldn’t share everything with you.
My hope is that the CEO of Funding Pips changes his ways and then Funding Pips still has a shot of being a good Prop Firm in the industry.

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00:00 Intro
00:47 Fake Reviews allegedly
03:27 CEO Public Threats
04:41 Trading Issues
08:00 Trust Pilot Reviews
13:05 Conclusion

The proprietary trading firm is the entity that provides the trader with the necessary funds to trade on the financial markets in exchange for a share of the profits. In addition, the prop firm assumes any losses, as the trader never puts his personal capital in danger.
Depending on what the firm has to offer, you can get funding from $500 to millions of dollars. Then, you can use your experience and professional trading tools to trade well and earn commissions or profit splits.

One benefit of online prop trading is that it lets people get into trading without having to risk tens of thousands of dollars. Also, you can start trading with a small amount of money and still make a lot of profit.
The majority of the time, a prop trading firm will design tight trading rules to help traders manage the activity so as to maximize profit and minimize loss.
Choosing the best proprietary trading firm is never simple, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert. Comparing them is the most efficient approach.

So, watch the video till the end and let me know your thoughts in the comments.
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