Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone: Scam or Legit?

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Google users are looking for reviews about if a Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone is a scam or legit. Here’s what I found about this Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone, including a scam email I received in my own inbox. First, please click the like button, the thumbs up button, as well as the “Thanks” button below this video. It’ll help me out.

The Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone scam search performed by Google users appeared to be an attempt to find out if there were any real reviews about the product. I can tell you right off the top that the Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone appeared to have all the makings of being somewhat like a scam, but maybe not exactly what people might think of when they hear the word “scam.” Basically, this and other drones marketed this same way appear to be the same as a Eachine E58 drone, but marked way up in price. People appear to be hiding this fact from listings. Other users came to the same conclusion.

For this video, after looking at the unsolicited scam email I received, I start out looking at Google to see what comes up when I search for Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone, and what I found were the terms reviews, Amazon, website, and others.

When searching for past scam drones and their reviews kind of like the the Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone, I noticed that a number of search results at the top were ads from fake review websites that were nothing more than sponsored content. I also saw a lot of content from India, which was a bit of a red flag to me. I didn’t see a lot of that for this one, but it seemed to follow the same playbook.

There’s the potential for some Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone pages to appear on Facebook in the future that might claim to feature reviews of the scam, whatever it may be. Past iterations Photoshopped out the words Emotion Drone from the product, which was scammy.

Basically, if you see enough people searching around to find out if something is a scam, and you see links to foreign countries, and wild claims that don’t make sense like the YouTube ads that went around in the past that claim a drone like the Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone is really a military drone that cost $5,000 but has been marked down for the general public… there are too many red flags to feel confident in a purchase here.

My opinion, my personal recommendation… I would shop elsewhere.

Separate from this Black Falcon Pro 4K Drone purported scam that people were looking for reviews about, if you did fall for any scam out there and you’re worried that you gave the scammers too much of your information, call your bank or credit card company and ask them what steps you can take to secure your account, just as a precaution. Also, if you gave the scammers any access to your Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or any other account like that, contact the company and secure your account. Enable two-factor authentication. Search Google for how to do that. Take extra measures to ensure the scammers can’t get in.

I hope you got something out of this video. I’m making all of these videos on my own time on nights and weekends to help people. There’s just not enough time during the day to publish reporting about all of the potential scams out there, so I am spending my free time to help people out, so again, please click the Like button, the thumbs up button, and that will tell Google and YouTube my video has some value, and maybe then it’ll rank highly, and therefore someone might be able to receive answers.

Feel free to share your story in the comments below and check out my creative projects, which cover subjects such as New York history and abandoned places. Thanks so much for watching.

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